Good News Story - Wings Around the World

We were proud hosts to welcome 18 yr old Lachlan Smart of Queensland, Australia to St. John's this past summer.  He is the grandson of a Skalleague of the Sunshine Coast Skal Club in Queensland.

 Lachlan created Wings Around the World in order to send a message of hope and inspiration for the youth around the world.  Dreams can be achieved no matter how big or how small.  To do this he decided to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft.  Among his many stops around the globe he did touch down in St. John's in early July and was met by fellow Skalleague Gwen Bannister.  

Gwen enthusiastically welcomed Lachlan to our City by arranging several visits with our club members and to see some sites during his short stop over.  

The story of his journey is in the latest edition of the Skal International magazine.  The link to the magazine is here and the story starts on page 17 accompanied with photos of Gwen and Greg Fleming with Lachlan.